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Brazilian grapetree

Jaboticaba at Wharepuke Kerikeri NZ

The Jaboticaba has a great crop on it here at Wharepuke at the moment.

The fruit cover the trunks and branches. The fruit are delicious but don’t last when picked and are best eaten fresh while standing next to the tree.

It has thick grape-like skin which has a lot of the flavour just near the surface but the skin itself most people spit out when you’ve got all the juicyness

The fruit can be used to make jellies, juice or wine

Apparently the skin can be used as a treatment for hemoptysis, asthma, diarrhoea, and gargled for chronic inflammation of the tonsils. Several potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory anti-cancer compounds have been isolated from the fruit.

Come and check it out!

Emma McLellan

Emma McLellan – Artificially Translated

Emma McLellan

May 6 – June 5
Gallery open 7 days 10am – 5pm

For a long time, my work has explored genetic engineering through a blending of science fiction and reality; combining and juxtaposing literary fantasies with scientific possibilities.

Searching the internet, images of cloned animals and human medical stem cell research sit alongside photo shopped imaginings of hybridised dysfunctional animals. This melting pot of truth and lies reminds me of medieval printed bestiaries of imagined and real animals presented for examination and fascination.

This body of work explores an imagined representation of human organ cultivation and stem cell experiments.

All works are screen-printed and painted on panels, 2016.

Emma McLellan – 2016 

Elizabeth Dove


Elizabeth Dove at Art at Wharepuke Gallery



Gallery Open 7 days 10am – 5pm

Elizabeth Dove’s projects utilise varied forms of print media, photography, and installation. She is a Professor in the School of Art at the University of Montana in Missoula, USA.

Dove maintains an active exhibition record, with solo shows at the Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Prescott College Art Gallery, Arizona; DePree Gallery, Hope College, Holland, Michigan; and participation in numerous group shows including the International Print Center, New York; Cultural Centre Modern Gallery, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia; Lahti Art Museum, Lahti, Finland; and Kellogg Art Gallery, Pomona, California.

Her work is included in the publications Printmaking: A Complete Guide, Non-Toxic Printmaking, The Contemporary Printmaker, and the British journal Printmaking Today. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, her MFA from Vermont College.


4th Wharepuke International Open Printmaking Show

4th Wharepuke International Open Printmaking Show


Part One
Jan 14 – Feb 7

Gallery open 10am – 5pm every day


The 4th Wharepuke Open Printmaking show features 25 artists from 12 different countries selected from open submission.

The exhibition is divided into two parts.

Part One runs from Jan 14 to Feb 7 and features work by:

Eman Al Hashemi (UAE)
Ximena Bórquez (Chile)
Neala Glass (NZ)
Melissa Harshman (USA)
Sallyann Hingston (NZ)
Amanda Kralovic (USA)
Jakob Lee (USA)
Steve Lovett (NZ)
LUCE (Belgium)
Julia Ludwig (Germany)
Judy Major-Girardin (Canada)
Mia O (Japan)
Kavita Nayar (India)
Hamish Oakley-Browne (NZ)
Ruth Simons (UK)
Sandra Williams (Australia)


Part Two will take place from Feb 11 to March 6 and will feature

Margaret Ashman (UK)
Tom Baggaley (UAE)
Richard Hricko (USA)
Carolyn Mckenzie Craig (Australia)
Miwako Nishizawa (USA)
Sumi Perera (UK)
Joseph Ryan (Ireland)
Mustafa Sidki (UK)
Ella Weber (USA)

For more information 

Time Slides – Mark Graver

Time Slides

Mark Graver- Time Slides



Sep 12 – Oct 1
Gallery open 7 days 9.00am – 5.00pm

When Dad died my brother and I found a drawer full of old 35mm slides dating from the early 1960’s to the early 1980’s, family snaps, holidays abroad and our time in Australia as Ten Pound Poms.

The slides have been digitised, manipulated and re-printed as acetates to be layered, like memories.

Mark Graver- Time Slides

Mark Graver- Time Slides

For more of Mark Gravers work go to Mark Graver

Red Pineapple

Red Pineapple (Ananas bracteatus)

The Red Pineapple here in the gardens at Wharepuke in Kerikeri NZ are maturing but still have a way to go. They have a good crop this year.

Red Pineapple at Wharepuke Kerikeri NZ


Red Pineapple are part of the Bromeliad family.

A pineapple is formed when the many flowers form a cluster of fruitlets which enlarge and mature forming a single pineapple with a fibrous stem running through the middle. The skin is tough and waxy, red in colour. When ripe the flesh is sweet and juicy, pink-yellow. The fruit weigh about one kilo each.

Pineapple fruits are formed without pollination

Click photo for larger image

Wharepuke Subtropical Gardens are free to wander and are open 7 days

Steve Lovett

Steve Lovett

Some People Who May (Not) Be Here

Opening Reception Saturday February 7th 5.00pm – 7.00pm

All welcome – come and meet the artist. Exhibition Feb 8th – March 4th.        Gallery Open 7 Days 9.00am – 5.00pm
Steve Lovett
Some People Who May (Not) Be Here is made up from the collections of printed images, ephemera and photographic imagery collected and made for over 30 years. This on-going project investigates the archives that we build up in albums, boxes, and now online that reflect our individual and collective pre-occupations, interests, behaviour and ideas about the world in which we live in and our place in it.. My secondary interest in this body of work pre-digital methods of stripping images together that would have once been common through out the commercial printing shops. Working slow, in this manner has allowed for a stepping back from the deluge of digital and analogue images that surges toward us at every moment.

Steve Lovett images


Steve Lovett is a practicing artist and art educator who has delivered an interdisciplinary print and digital media for two decades at Manukau Institute of Technology in the Faculty of Creative Arts. Lovett maintains an active project-based studio and research practice that is informed by ongoing theoretical investigation. His work has been show nationally, through out New Zealand and internationally at fine print and graphic arts exhibitions. His work is held in public and private collections in New Zealand, Europe, China and North America.
Lovett has a research focus on questions of archives and operation of memory systems.