Kerikeri Restaurant

Kerikeri Restaurant and Cafe
Bay of Islands

  • Kerikeri Restaurant FOOD at Wharepuke

An exciting new restaurant is opening Nov/Dec 2018 so visitors to Wharepuke can enjoy the wonderful gardens, sculpture park and gallery with brand new food. Watch this space !

MĀHA Restaurant 

We use fresh, local and seasonal products with ingredients that create a Japanese influenced flavour merged or fused with Italian and Spanish cooking techniques. This skilful synergy results in simple, unpretentious, clean and honest food that resonates in the mind and on the palate.

Crafted and delivered by seasoned professionals doing what they love in a calm, considered environment.

Our customers are modern, sophisticated, curious, mindful and considerate.

They are looking for a consistently tasteful and interesting experience that leaves them feeling rejuvenated, content and gratified.

This is the state of MĀHA.

(Maori- to be gratified, satisfied, contented)


Why not treat yourself and your partner and stay over in one of our subtropical cottages so you can have a relaxed evening and that extra drink?



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