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Artist Residency awarded to Ragen Gentry

Regan Gentry - Bound Around - 2015 (Tauranga Eastern Link Gateway Project)
Regan Gentry – Bound Around – 2015 (Tauranga Eastern Link Gateway Project)

We are pleased to announce that Regan Gentry has been awarded the first Dalton Trust/Wharepuke artist residency. His work is well known throughout NZ and ‘typically depicts the relationship of people to their environment and how this is acted out’. We are very excited to welcome Regan and family to Wharepuke and will post up-dates of his project as and when it develops.


Regan Gentrys website

Elizabeth Dove


Elizabeth Dove at Art at Wharepuke Gallery



Gallery Open 7 days 10am – 5pm

Elizabeth Dove’s projects utilise varied forms of print media, photography, and installation. She is a Professor in the School of Art at the University of Montana in Missoula, USA.

Dove maintains an active exhibition record, with solo shows at the Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Prescott College Art Gallery, Arizona; DePree Gallery, Hope College, Holland, Michigan; and participation in numerous group shows including the International Print Center, New York; Cultural Centre Modern Gallery, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia; Lahti Art Museum, Lahti, Finland; and Kellogg Art Gallery, Pomona, California.

Her work is included in the publications Printmaking: A Complete Guide, Non-Toxic Printmaking, The Contemporary Printmaker, and the British journal Printmaking Today. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, her MFA from Vermont College.

4th International Open Submission Printmaking Exhibition PART TWO

4th International Open Submission Printmaking Exhibition


Richard Hricko



Part two of the 4th International Open Submission Printmaking Exhibition features Margaret Ashman, Tom Baggaley, Richard Hricko, Carolyn McKenzie Craig, Miwako Nishizawa, Sumi Perera, Joseph Ryan, Mustafa Sidki and Ella Weber.

carolyn meckenzie craig

A finalists shortlist will be drawn up and our international judging panel will decide the overall winner of this year’s show.
The judges are:

Anthony Holmquist (USA) – first prize winner of Art at Wharepuke’s 3rd international open submission printmaking competition. Tony is an assistant professor in the Department of Art & Design at Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado, USA, he visited Wharepuke as an artist in residence in May 2015 during his prize winning solo show Recurring Systems

Chris Pig (UK) – Award winning artist Chris Pig specialises in relief prints.  He is a member of the UK Society of Wood Engravers and was joint winner, with Hilary Paynter, of the Society’s 2009 competition.

Elizabeth Dove (USA) – Professor in the School of Art at the University of Montana.

Susanna Castleden (Australia) – Senior Lecturer and Director International in the School of Design and Art at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.



The winning artist will have a solo show at Wharepuke.

4th Wharepuke International Open Printmaking Show

4th Wharepuke International Open Printmaking Show


Part One
Jan 14 – Feb 7

Gallery open 10am – 5pm every day


The 4th Wharepuke Open Printmaking show features 25 artists from 12 different countries selected from open submission.

The exhibition is divided into two parts.

Part One runs from Jan 14 to Feb 7 and features work by:

Eman Al Hashemi (UAE)
Ximena Bórquez (Chile)
Neala Glass (NZ)
Melissa Harshman (USA)
Sallyann Hingston (NZ)
Amanda Kralovic (USA)
Jakob Lee (USA)
Steve Lovett (NZ)
LUCE (Belgium)
Julia Ludwig (Germany)
Judy Major-Girardin (Canada)
Mia O (Japan)
Kavita Nayar (India)
Hamish Oakley-Browne (NZ)
Ruth Simons (UK)
Sandra Williams (Australia)


Part Two will take place from Feb 11 to March 6 and will feature

Margaret Ashman (UK)
Tom Baggaley (UAE)
Richard Hricko (USA)
Carolyn Mckenzie Craig (Australia)
Miwako Nishizawa (USA)
Sumi Perera (UK)
Joseph Ryan (Ireland)
Mustafa Sidki (UK)
Ella Weber (USA)

For more information 

Time Slides – Mark Graver

Time Slides

Mark Graver- Time Slides



Sep 12 – Oct 1
Gallery open 7 days 9.00am – 5.00pm

When Dad died my brother and I found a drawer full of old 35mm slides dating from the early 1960’s to the early 1980’s, family snaps, holidays abroad and our time in Australia as Ten Pound Poms.

The slides have been digitised, manipulated and re-printed as acetates to be layered, like memories.

Mark Graver- Time Slides

Mark Graver- Time Slides

For more of Mark Gravers work go to Mark Graver

Ian Brown and Paul Jones

Ian Brown & Paul Jones

Dust and Clouds: Dots and Pixels

March 8th – April 12th
Gallery open 7 days – 9.00am – 5.00pm
Ian Brown  Paul Jones Dust and Clouds: Dots and Pixels

Ian Brown and Paul Jones both share an interest in the same source material; images of elemental natural forces at work. Each has a fascination with the almost intangible nature of this phenomena where ‘dust and clouds’ of poetic beauty describe events of cataclysmic proportion.

For Paul Jones this is a touchstone connecting him to an interior world of the imagination, while in perhaps a more detached manner, Ian Brown is looking into the way we experience the act of looking. Dots and pixels act as the mediation between the real world, the photograph and its expression in print.

Both artists come together in this show of drawings and prints as Paul collaborates with Ian to convert and reconfigure some of his drawings into print, through the solar plate etching process.

Paul Jones Brixton Hill SW2 Super Cell Series Ink, compressed charcoal on drafting film

Paul Jones
Brixton Hill SW2 Super Cell Series
Ink, compressed charcoal on
drafting film
Paul Jones’ work stems from questions of memory and imagination. All his work has this strong thread connecting them. Though the viewer may find a myriad of materials and media being used, his goal is to push concepts through the work, balancing the believable, observable world with the unbelievable, the unseen, the unheimlich.New drawings have been produced using charcoal on tracing paper the starting point are internet images from storm chasers.
Storm chasers are used as vicarious conduits so as to experience these special cloud systems. The end results are fully appropriated images as drawings with titles’ that refer to Jones’ local inner city home to contrast the big open space of Midwest America were many of the weather systems referenced occur.
Ian Brown Tromba Marina I, Screenprint/Etching
Ian Brown
Tromba Marina I,
Ian Brown’s subject matter is extreme natural phenomena taken from a range of sources. Whilst on the one hand these prints appear to be a search for the sublime in the face of often potentially destructive natural forces, they are also an exploration of the way photographic images are delivered.The four colour process through which we receive printed imagery (on paper) is frequently referenced, reminding the viewer of the mechanism that deceives the eye. As a consequence most of the prints have two viewing distances, close up where the roseate clusters can be seen, and at distance where the image prevails.In more recent works the use of photopolymer etching techniques allow the digital signature of low resolution imagery to be made manifest.

Artist in Residence- Michelle Mayn

Artist in Residence – Michelle Mayn

Artist in Residence - Michelle May


Michelle Mayn is part way through a 3 month Artist in Residence program here at Wharepuke in Kerikeri NZ . Michelle is a New Zealand fibre artist using both natural and modern fibres.

  • Artist in Residence

Michelle Mayn uses traditional Maori weaving techniques often mixing materials to produce new and exciting textures and colour combinations on modern bags or highlights on more traditional kete (basketry).


In her latest works the subtle hues and textures of plant fibres such as tree fern, Kapok, rush and lichen are highlighted in a simple little rourou(food container) made of Harakeke/New Zealand Flax from fibres harvested here at Wharepuke. 


Michelle’s blog can be found at Michelle Mayn

More about our Artist Residence options here at Wharepuke Kerikeri NZ




  • Wax-eyes

The Silvereye or Wax-eye here in the garden at Wharepuke in Kerikeri New Zealand are very cute. It took just a few days for the mother and young chicks to start feeding from our hand. They love banana and cherimoyas. There are so many young birds around here at our Kerikeri Accommodation. We have to close the curtains in a couple of the cottages as the Kingfishers attack their own reflection in the big sliding windows!


Waxeye chicks Kerikeri NZ