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Emma McLellan

Emma McLellan – Artificially Translated

Emma McLellan

May 6 – June 5
Gallery open 7 days 10am – 5pm

For a long time, my work has explored genetic engineering through a blending of science fiction and reality; combining and juxtaposing literary fantasies with scientific possibilities.

Searching the internet, images of cloned animals and human medical stem cell research sit alongside photo shopped imaginings of hybridised dysfunctional animals. This melting pot of truth and lies reminds me of medieval printed bestiaries of imagined and real animals presented for examination and fascination.

This body of work explores an imagined representation of human organ cultivation and stem cell experiments.

All works are screen-printed and painted on panels, 2016.

Emma McLellan – 2016 

Mark Graver – Shadow Play

Mark Graver


June 14 – August 1
190 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri

A selection of acrylic resist and photo polymer etchings exploring light, shadow, memory, place and time

Mark Graver Shadowplay


For anyone in the UK this July Mark Graver is also exhibiting and co-curating the RE:Print/Re:Present exhibition and symposium at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art. Exhibition opens at 6.00pm on July 9 and runs until July 25

One day symposium at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge UK – info and registration


Tony Holmquist


Tony Holmquist – Recurring Systems

May 21st – June 12th
Opening Reception Wed May 20th  4.30 – 6.30 pm
All welcome – meet the artist
tony holmquist

Tony Holmquist was first prize winner of Art at Wharepuke’s 3rd international open submission printmaking competition and is coming to Wharepuke as a resident artist and install his new show Recurring Systems.  He will be present at an opening reception on Wed May 20th from 4.30 – 6.30 pm.

Details for the 4th Open Submission printmaking show can be found here

tony holmquist

Tony is an assistant professor in the Department of Art & Design at Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado, USA and has worked in printmaking for his entire career.

He exhibits his work around the world at galleries and shows such as the International Print Center of New York, the National Arts Club, the Art at Wharepuke International Print Show and the International Miniprint Finland Triennial.

Tony is also a musician who researches, interprets, and disseminates old-time music through the fiddle, banjo and guitar. He won first place in the banjo competitions at the 2014 Central Rockies Old-Time Music Festival and the 2013 Santa Fe Bluegrass and Old-Time festival.

Tony has received several awards for his work, including the Honourable Prize of Miniprint Finland (2014), the Juror’s Award (first place) at the Wharepuke International Printmaking Show in New Zealand and the Juror’s Award (second place) at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.


Irena Keckes – Woodcuts

Irena Keckes – Woodcuts

Art at Wharepuke

190 Kerikeri road

15th Dec – 4th Jan
open 7 days 9.00am – 5.00pm

Irena Keckes

Irena Keckes is an artist and arts educator, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. She was born in Croatia, where she gained BA in Art Education and Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb (2000). Irena earned Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Tokyo University of the Arts (2005). Currently, she is completing PhD with Creative Practice at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland (2011- present).

As part of her doctoral research project integrating theory and practice, Irena Keckes has created large-scale woodcut prints, and researched the links among ecologically informed Buddhism, and non-toxic and expanded forms of print.

Her artwork has been exhibited internationally at eighteen independent, and numerous group exhibitions; these included the Tallinn Triennial of Drawing (2012), Kyoto Art Festival (2012, 2014) and International Mokuhanga Exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts (2014).

She has been an artist in residence in Japan (2000) and Korea (2005), and an active member of several art associations including Croatian Association of Artists (since 2001) and Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (since 2014).

Irena Keckes presented an academic poster and portfolio at the Impact 8 International Printmaking Conference in Dundee (2013) and an academic paper at the 2nd International Mokuhanga Conference in Tokyo (2014).

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, Irena Keckes has been teaching Printmaking and Drawing academic projects to undergraduate students, since 2011.

Art at Wharepuke - Irena Keckes



My art has been informed by a strong desire to work in the media of print in particular within the field of contemporary, ecologically responsive printmaking. Over the past twelve years I have lived and worked in diverse scholastic, artistic and intellectual environments. Moving through the myriad of cultural worlds made an impact on my practice.
My recent research has been exploring if and how some of central Buddhist notions, such as interconnectedness or causality, may inform ecologically mindful printmaking. The interest in this topic and approach to print practice grew from my previous training in traditional Japanese water-based woodcut that originally involves non-toxic methodologies. Taking mokuhanga (Japanese woodcut) as a starting point, merging apparently disparate theories, philosophies, methodologies and processes, one of the main sequels of my work has been to represent one example of expanded printmaking.

In some instances I have extended my practice by detaching print off the walls and moving into the space, and in others I exhibited carved plates and wooden shavings as sculptural objects alongside the prints. I have shifted the main focus away from controlling the final outlook of the print to the processes of making itself. Expanding the scale of my plates also created a platform for a more intense exploration of the phenomenological aspects of my work, reconciling intellectual and physical actions of printmaking processes. Through an idea that making is thinking, and thinking is making, my work also has been investigating art/craft as an indivisible concept, as evident in three of my independent presentations in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Woodcut print installation the Unlimited Resonance of Repetition (2012), consisted of ten three meters long woodcut prints suspended from the ceiling. These large prints were created in Japanese water-based woodblock printmaking method, and explored the notion of repetition embodied in the process or carving as well as in printing. Some of the wooden matrices were installed on the floor of the gallery in juxtaposition with prints. The Presence of Absence installation (2013) consisted of carved wooden plates and wooden shaves arranged on the walls and floors of the gallery. By creating a “carpet” of wooden chips the works in this show unveiled the idea of impermanence: the wooden shaves were once the plates. In my doctoral exhibition, Mindful Repetitions (2014), I presented 14.5 meters long print that surrounded the space of the gallery. As part of this installation, the 240x480cm large print was installed on the floor of the gallery.

Irenas Website

Struan Hamilton – Prints at Art at Wharepuke

Struan Hamilton – Prints at Art at Wharepuke

October 1st – November 2nd 2014

Gallery open 7 days – 9.00am – 5.00 pm
190 Kerikeri Road

Struan Hamilton - Prints at Art at Wharepuke
Struan Hamilton – Prints at Art at Wharepuke

Scottish-born Struan Hamilton is the 2D Team Leader for Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, having taken up this position in July 2009. His responsibilities here include the teaching of Fine Art Printmaking to 1st years through to PHD candidates, as well as the day to day running of the department.

He has previously been manager of Belfast Print Workshop, arriving there after stints at Edinburgh and Dundee Print Workshops, and the world-famous Atelier Contrepoint, (formerly Atelier 17), in Paris, where he was assisted the director, Hector Saunier, and leading artist, Sun Sun Yip.

Struan Hamilton

Struan’s work can be found in public and private collections from the House of Lords to hospital trusts, and football clubs to the national arts council as well as local government councils. He also boasts a healthy record of international exhibition.

Struan’s exhibition at Wharepuke features a selection of large scale drypoints on canvas and viscosity etchings.

Art at Wharepuke website

Struan Hamilton
Struan Hamilton
Struan Hamilton
My work draws inspiration from the organic within the man-made environment of the modern city. This duality of existence in shapes and forms creates a dynamic dialogue within my work, which generates a multitude of visual experience for the viewer.I work predominantly in intaglio, specifically viscosity etching, as I feel the ability to push the surface of an etching plate, and be pushed back in turn by it, generates the dynamism required for the aesthetic experience I aim to produce.