Wharepuke is a small family -run business.

All staff on the Wharepuke property are fully vaccinated

We want you to feel secure and comfortable during your stay with us. Your health and wellbeing is a top priority.

What to expect:


  • Masks are worn on greeting and any interaction with guests. 
  • Social distancing
  • Full payment is taken at checkin unless paid for online already
  • Hand sanitiser, protective face masks, disposable gloves and disinfectant sprays are available .  


  • Each is totally standalone
  • Hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser is provided in each
  • Air-con unit

If you feel unwell during your stay please isolate yourself in your room and call us and we will talk you through the process


  • Cottages are only cleaned by request during guests stay. Bins can be left outside if you want them emptied and extra towels etc can be requested

On leaving:

  • Please leave all doors wide open to allow air to circulate by 10am leaving to allow time for airing and cleaning.
  • It is not necessary to see us on leaving but we still hope you had an enjoyable stay!

Between Guests:

  • Cleaned with particular attention to high touch surfaces such as door handles, taps, light switches
  • Linen changed
  • Use surface sanitiser as a final mist spray on all surfaces following cleaning
  • masks are worn during the cleaning process 
  • Cottages are well aired

*Please note that this can change without notice due to MOH guidelines

Booking and Cancellation

We offer totally flexible booking arrangements during these uncertain times.  This is a Book Now, Pay on Arrival Policy.  This means there will be no cancellation fees for guests who book with us direct through our website and need to cancel due to COVID 19.  Anyone who has booked direct with Wharepuke will be able to move their booking to a later date or cancel without penalty. 

Although credit card details are required to make a booking, we do not take payment until the day of arrival

Please note we cannot offer the same for bookings made through third party online booking websites.   As per our normal Booking Terms, we recommend travel insurance. 

Other businesses at Wharepuke:

Maha Restaurant- As mandated by government

Wharepuke Print Studio-Masks required

Gardens and Sculpture Park- Masks expected to be worn around others

Art at Wharepuke Gallery- Masks and social distancing expected when indoors

Wharepuke Accommodation Kerikeri Bay of Islands