Mark Graver Fenestra


Mark Grave Fenestra

This exhibition by Mark Graver is made up of four main bodies of work.  The Kerikeri River and So with Present Time prints are part of an ongoing series relating to water and the passage of time inspired by a Leonardo da Vinci quote

“In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time”.

The three larger works use images taken in Hobart, Tauranga Bay and Tonga.

The Façade Series were made by Mark Graver in Hobart, Tasmania on an International Artist Residency in Aug/Sep 2016.  The works began as collagraph plates made from paper and plaster.  These were printed and the prints then scanned.  The prints and plates were then digitally collaged – print 1 with plate 6, print 2 with plate 5, print 3 with plate 4 and so on.
The original collagraphs were abstract responses to the surfaces of the city, the buildings, walls, streets and textures.  Façade relates both to the front of a building and a deceptive outward appearance.

The Fenstra Series are made using photographs taken of light, shadow and foliage through the printmaking studio windows.  The images are manipulated, collaged and layered in Photoshop and printed as archival inkjets.

The final series Tree I – VII uses images of trees, ferns and textures from around Wharepuke and the surrounding area.

Mark Graver Trees