NZ Woodpigeon

Happy Kereru, a native NZ Woodpigeon chowing down on the White Mulberry leaves here at Wharepuke. We have a resident pair here and another which I think is an offspring from a previous year

They are very passive and many times you might walk underneath one here at the gardens and not realise it.

My photo of the Kereru has become famous as the NZ Forest and Bird Newsletter published it when writing about the Great Kereru Count 

Kerikeri Accommodation at Wharepuke
2 very passive native Woodpigeons here in the gardens at Wharepuke near our Kerikeri Accommodation

This is a photo of my mother photographing the NZ Woodpigeon in the garden near our Cottages.

The photo she took is…….

NZ Woodpigeon

and another NZ Woodpigeon…….Kereru. Kerikeri Accommodation at Wharepuke