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Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand


History of Wharepuke


A Maori word meaning house on the hill.
The Wharepuke property has been in the family since 1938 when Stan and Joyce Booth built their house on the hill and planted and grew citrus and kiwifruit organically. The Wharepuke land is reputably the first land in New Zealand to be ploughed.

About Us

Robin Booth


Began Wharepuke Subtropical Garden in 1993 on a site that was the old citrus orchard. Robins 40 years of experience as a nurseryman and landscape designer show. The established gardens were awarded Garden of Regional Significance (2006-).
Robin Booth gives knowledgeable advice as shown by –
being landscape architect for Wharepuke Subtropical Accommodation
being the plant consultant for Kauri Cliffs golf course
fortnightly articles in The Report, The Bay Report, and NZ Weekend Gardener
regular contributor to Subtropical magazine
consultant for sustainable living in Sabbah through fruit growing
numerous articles in glossy magazines such as North and South, NZ Gardener, Weekend Gardener, Alfresco Magazine
Wharepuke Subtropical Gardens was featured on TV’s Maggie Barry’s Garden Show
Robin Booth gives interactive guided tours of his subtropical gardens.

Tania Booth


Robin Booths eldest daughter. After finishing University (BFA Painting) she based herself in the UK and travelled extensively through Asia and Europe for 10 years. Tania assisted international environmental artist Chris Booth (Uncle) on numerous sculptures in NZ, UK, Netherlands and Australia as well as working in the care and hospitality industry.

Tania is manager of Wharepuke Subtropical Accommodation.
Bay of Islands Accommodation

Mark Graver


Partner to Tania, professional artist and teacher. Mark Graver was educated in England (MA printmaking, Camberwell College of Arts, London UK) and arrived in New Zealand in 2003.

Mark Graver paintings, prints and video
Mark Gravers art is represented in numerous museums, art galleries, and private collections around the world

  • Winner of 2010 Lessedra World Print Award, Bulgaria
  • Judge at Harbin, China International Print Exhibition
  • work in Museums in Mexico, Taiwan, UK
  • commissioned to write “Nontoxic Printmaking” book ( A&C Black UK 2011)
  • runs nontoxic printmaking workshops Internationally and Nationally

Mark Gravers artwork is held in private collections in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In 2006 he was awarded Birgit Skiold Memorial Trust Printmaking Grant.
Mark Graver founded Wharepuke Print Studio which offers non toxic printmaking and art classes.
Non Toxic Print Classes

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